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Experience     Worked my way through the advertising studio system, beginning as storyboard artist. Later to Disney World Florida, then Disneyland California alternating between the two. Also working on graphics and illustration, for T-Shirt designs and screen printing. Continued developing an interest in film technique and storytelling. Work in live action screen writing, storyboarding and 3D animation, developed skills for storyboarding commercials and applied them to larger format productions. Gained quality experience producing storyboards and visuals for TV commercials, games, promos and animation. Strong drawing skills that suggest character and action. Understanding of cinematic scene sequence and dramatic structure. Understanding of character development. Ability to work collaboratively. Years feature film and television experience, demonstrated success. Ability to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visual product. Ability to express story and character through developing characters and modes that express emotion. Ability to invent action and expressions in the audiovisual narrative. I enjoy the collaborative aspect of working with directors, writers and animators and all of these creative people, meeting with the director to talk through the script.

3D Modeler / Storyboard Artist     Creating Characters and creatures. Strong in R&D supported pipeline, friendly and collaborative in a group environment working towards realizing the Director’s vision. Create complex 3D models of creatures and other organic assets to be used in production Work within defined pipeline. Produce quality work within a given amount of time. Work closely with the other departments in the Asset team Promote interdepartmental collaboration Mentor help and train Jr. modelers Participate in meetings and asset reviews. Experience creating high quality models for visual effects. Proficiency in creating photo-realistic organic assets. Experience creating and maintaining facial blendshapes.

Artist under various titles     Storyboard Artist, Scamp Artist, Visualizer, Illustrator, Layout Artist, Graphic Designer, Character Artist, Concept Artist. Worked on freelance or contract based assignments, meeting deadlines to produce a consistently high quality of work on a quick turnaround for TV companies, advertising agencies or with independent video production houses, F/X Productions and producing graphics, artwork and storyboards for a wide variety of companies and products.

Instructed    Students in Game Asset Development. Instructed first ZBrush classes at the Fullerton Jr. College. Presented Workshops on Character Design, Modeling and Texturing for the game industry.  Implemented various programs to enhance visual presentation of ideas for students to learn how to effectively capture the director's ideas for shots and sequences. Streamline or eliminate unnecessary scenes for filming requirements from production to deadline. Assist with visual exploration, research, and creation of designs for Characters environments and props as required during visual development pre-viz and pre-production. Maintain awareness of the presentation as it applies to creativity and relates to revisions and budget constraints while maintaining continuity within the story, cinematography, aesthetics and mood. Taught Classes in Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Maya and ZBrush.

Collaborate     with the Director, Lead Story Artist to explore and develop the visual story of the feature film production. Listen to the director’s verbal description of sequences and shots and realize the character action, pacing, mood, cinematography in visual form. Create new and interesting ideas to capture both the activity and the emotion of the scene. Present and lead the visual direction of story sequences contributing to the production while overseeing a team of artists. Manage timelines to ensure all sequences are completed and submitted on schedule. Revise, edit and modify sketches as indicated by the Lead Story Artist.

Provide visual illustrations for effective productions in TV shows, films and commercials. Provide visual representations prior to the filming of feature films or television productions. Taking the script or teleplay, and interpret the objective to tell an effective story or represent a product for sale, and deliver the storyboard, a collection of visual scenes to show the director how best to be able to shoot the project, representing angles for shooting, lighting themes, color, clothing, motion-blocking set-ups.

Interpret breakdown of scenes, and give the production staff further ideas on how to develop the production. Take precedent as key production source of the original screenplay for highly visual presentations. Produce hand-drawn or computer-generated storyboards quickly, and adapt them on spec with short notice.

Do quick pencil sketches, gather references needed. Then make roughs of the storyboard, get feedback, make alterations and work up the final designs. Work closely with the Director, scriptwriter, Producer, client or Storyboard Supervisor, to visualize and tell the story. Prepare the storyboards for production including indications of dialogue, character performance and camera moves. Produce work either as rough or cleaned-up drawings. Generate scenes, where tight drawings of a character may not be relevant or on a project where all the animation is being produced and, it may be necessary to present the characters very accurately. Revise work to reflect a changing script or comments from the Director, Producer.

Understand and interpret requirements from the concept. Study the script to for required mood and overall theme. Consider camera angles and lighting to be used in the storyboard presentation. Compose wireframe drawings from which the more detailed illustrations will be developed. Complete color or monochrome storyboards in full for use by production staff. Edit storyboards and make changes as per the request of director or production team.

Draw storyboards for animated features, films, television commercials, and music videos, storyboard’s that present “action” in a series of scenes, and allows filmmakers, advertisers, and producers to evaluate the project before beginning production and provide direction during production. Draw scenes by hand or computer. Sketch in black and white or color. Work with producers, directors, and film crew from start to finish, sketching scenes during initial meetings, and editing or eliminating scenes as the project progresses for TV and film, storyboarding primarily for advertising and the video game industry including 2D computer animation, 2D drawn animation, 3D computer animation, Illustrating the narrative, planning shots, and drawing panels to demonstrate action and maintain continuity between scenes of an animation.

Description   Analyze the story and script Interpreting script pages and sequences into visual presentations. Developing characters and dramatic action scene by scene. Suggesting shooting angles and transitions. Incorporating Director's notes. Working quickly to translate story ideas into visual sequences. Work closely with Directors and the Storyboard Supervisor to choose the shots and define action. Create Storyboards for the scenes assigned.

Responsibilities   Responsible for translating the story into the visual language of cinema. Translate scripts from print to visual medium that simply and briefly illustrates the film's key scenes and events, establishes the mood, characters plot, the setting and anything else will help the audience understand the story. Invent and stage the action.

Skills   Excellent drawing skills that suggest character and action. Understanding of cinematic scene and dramatic structure. Understanding of character development. Ability to work collaboratively. Minimum 4 years feature film and television experience, demonstrated success in position. Ability to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visual product. Ability to express story and character through developing characters and modes that express emotion. Ability to invent action and expressions in  audiovisual narrative. Able to follow an established design styles as required

     o     Excellent communication and presentation skills

     o    Understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing and editing

     o    Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space

     o    Work either independently or as part of a team

 Clients include:   Disney World Advertising & Marketing FL, Disneyland Advertising & Marketing CA, Disney Stores, Fox Studios, Warner Bros. Fullerton Jr. College CA. Instructor. Instructed Students in Game Asset creation